Defining What You Need – Firming Up the Specification [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 3]

08 March 2019
Welcome back to the GreyLoud University. This is the third in my series of articles on ‘How to Ensure Software Project Success'. By following our course you can gain the benefit of our experience across many projects and thousands of hours of development work. Here I am going to show you how you move forward […]
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Knowing What You Need – Gathering the Business Requirements [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 2]

05 March 2019
Welcome back to the Greyloud University where we will help you refine your idea or vision for a software application. Hopefully, you’ve read the first in this series of Greyloud University papers (‘How to Ensure Software Project Success’) and you understand the context of a software development framework (‘SDLC’) and process; you know about the concept […]
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The Perils of Not Following a Project Communication Plan [How to Ruin your Software Project Budget and Deadline – Part 1]

02 March 2019
As anyone with even the slightest bit of experience in software development, even simple websites, delays and cost overruns are incredibly common. A commonly cited statistic is that 85% of IT projects overrun their budget!While I would never claim that I can lay out a bullet-proof project management methodology in a series of blog post, […]
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How to Ensure Software Project Success [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 1]

01 March 2019
Perfected over the course of dozens of successful projects and tens of thousands of development hours, our process brings together all critical inputs to building great software products. We decided to create GreyLoud University in an effort to share our hard earned lessons with the rest of the startup community, and to help our other […]
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Hubspot vs. Infusionsoft: Which Marketing Automation Software is Right for Your Business?

01 February 2019
Hubspot vs. Infusionsoft: Which Marketing Software is Right for Your Business? Automated marketing software is used so businesses can accomplish repetitive tasks and analyze data easily. There are many automated marketing platforms available to Hong Kong businesses. But which one to choose? There are two platforms that you should consider: HubSpot and Infusionsoft. Although both […]
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