4 Tips When Hiring App Developers in Hong Kong

12 March 2021

There are many things to consider when having an app developed for a business. First, you need to determine either a gap in the tech market that aligns with your services or identify an existing application you think you could improve upon. But once you’ve decided what sort of program you wish to build, one of the most important steps is choosing the right development company.

The developer you select should deliver an app that runs well and contains all the features you require, from appearance to functionality. A poor choice could result in an app that’s hard to operate and full of bugs. Not only will users dislike it, but it's likely to have far-reaching negative effects on your business as well. So, make sure you pick carefully to ensure that your project is executed well.

If you’re located in Hong Kong, here are four key things you should take into consideration when hiring an app developer.

  1. Ensure that they have relevant experience
Ensure the developers have relevant experience
Ensure the developers have relevant experience

Knowing that the party you’ve hired is capable of completing their task is crucial when choosing a developer. If they’ve previously developed apps that are similar to what you want or for companies in the same industry, then they’re more likely to do a stellar job. Research the apps that they’ve developed, and check whether they’re similar in style and functionality to what you have in mind for your own.

You must ensure that your chosen developer can create an app that’s accessible through all devices and operating systems. It’s also good to check whether they specialize in the technology or languages you require, such as Java, PHP, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services, to name a few.

  1. Make sure that they deliver on-time and communicate efficiently.

It’s important that the developer you hire can deliver on-time so that you aren’t forced to push back any of your plans. This can end up costing a company much more money than they intended to spend. The more you fork out on a project, the more you stand to lose if there are delays; with big projects, this could mean tens of thousands of dollars. (1)

Great communication is key in knowing whether the development process is on track. If issues do arise, you’ll need a developer who will contact you immediately; they should have the experience to address any of your queries and reassure you that the app will be ready on time. A developer who remains in close contact with you from the start is ideal.

  1. Test their other products
4 Tips When Hiring App Developers in Hong Kong
4 Tips When Hiring App Developers in Hong Kong

Many believe that if something costs more, it will be of better quality; however, this is often a far cry from the truth. Some companies charge exorbitant amounts purely due to their experience and clientele, but there are so many skilled developers that it’s worth shopping around for the price. The key is to test the other apps that your shortlisted developers have created and analyze them in quality and price. Ultimately, it would be best if you looked to hire someone who can provide you with a top-quality app for a competitive price.

If the consumers’ impression of your completed app is that it’s a badly developed program, it’ll have major negative effects on your company and cause disengagement with the brand. (2) (3)

The most common features known to upset app users include:

  • Poor user interface
  • Slow loading
  • Excessive advertising (4)
  1. Ensure face-to-face meetings and world-class software professionals

While most turn to digital communication these days, in-person meetings often save time when working with new and brainstorming ideas. A few minutes of dialogue generally beats weeks of back-and-forth emails.

App developers willing to meet you face-to-face in Hong Kong and offer you top-tier software engineers should be strongly considered. Meeting in-person will make it easier to evaluate their methods and the quality of their work. It also offers more potential for building trust quickly than how it would be if the project team did everything virtually. (5) (6)

In conclusion

There are a few key things to consider when searching for the right app developer in Hong Kong. Doing some research into apps that the developers have created previously is essential in gauging their capability as a team. Great communication will ensure that the project is delivered on time and doesn’t cost you extra money. Finally, trying your best to meet the project managers in-person, and brainstorming ideas, will help build trust and ensure that the app is the best.


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