Most Popular Mobile App Development Trends In Hong Kong in 2021

11 March 2021

Hong Kong has been responsible for many technological advances and is known as one of the mobile app development industry leaders across the globe. Due to their innovation, skill, and ability to understand what the market requires and wants, several popular trends have been born. In 2017, a Hong Kong Mobile Apps Industry Survey was completed. It revealed the ever-growing demand for mobile app companies, increasing operating businesses from 22% one year to 50% the next. With their dedication to the wireless technology industry and improved mobile standards, it's no surprise that the following mobile app development trends have emerged. (1)

Fitness mobile apps

Fitness apps have always been relatively popular amongst mobile phone users and continue to grow, especially after the recent lockdowns affecting individual fitness regimes. By analyzing data specific to Hong Kong’s market, it is clear that the increasing volume of health apps has seen greater numbers of users and profit. By 2024, it is estimated that user penetration will reach up to 27.5%. Whilst free apps are generally more popular, the high level of customer attention directed at this market will undoubtedly lead to enhanced profit and market penetration in the future, with an estimated revenue of USD 10 million in the year 2024. (2)

Some of the most popular mobile health and fitness apps in Hong Kong include:

  • Paid apps
    • The Wonder Weeks
    • 75 Hard
    • SyncMyTracks
    • My Macros+
  • Free apps
    • Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming
    • Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & more
    • Step Tracker (3)(4)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

augmented reality mobile app development hong kong

Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App Development Hong KongBoth AR and VR technologies have become increasingly popular since their initial spike in the 1990s, with various competitive markets trying to keep up with customers’ desires for a unique, atmospheric and immersive experience. The application development process of such programs has therefore become a high-demand area of focus. With purpose everywhere, from entertainment, high-impact gaming, and artificial intelligence to education and company marketing, there's no surprise that this market will continue to grow. (5)

China (Hong Kong in particular) directed its efforts towards this industry and responded to the AR and VR trends that began bubbling to the surface with a high expectation to thrive. This was evident through the expected increase of China’s VR industry to approximately 556.3 billion yuan in 2020. Considering that AR and VR content tends to be primarily directed at adult consumers, their willingness to spend more for the technology suggests that by 2025, software revenue may reach up to USD 70 billion, with an estimated number of 216 million users. (6)

Whilst VR is mostly associated with PC and gaming consoles, its massive potential within the mobile app sphere has not been ignored. Many in competition with China have entered the playing field with a focus on mobile and tablet AR and VR to optimize popularity and sales with a suspected increase of users. The affordability of software will most likely cause this increase compared to that of PCs where high-end gear is usually required. (6)

Improving mobile app functionality and convenience

Mobile App Development Hong Kong
Mobile App Development Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been responsible for and/or collaborative with the increased accessibility and functionality of several mobile apps. This may refer to the following advancements that at one time or another showed great trend growth and popularity:

  • Synchronization of phones to other devices
  • Backing up storage to the Cloud
  • Responsive customer-service chatbots
  • Convenient mobile payments
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (7)(8)

Popular products and services

As a mobile app developer, it's important to understand which products and services are in high demand and platforms. In doing so, you’ll be able to tailor your efforts and reap the benefits of a specific and popular market. In Hong Kong, the uses of mobile apps are varied and widespread.

Popular technologies previously undiscussed may include:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Location-Based Services (i.e., GPS)
  • Near Field Communications (NFP) for easy transactions

Niches may include:

  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Education
  • Gaming

To cater to a specific area, it's important to evaluate trends and adjust your development accordingly. For example, in 2019, mobile apps for corporate business use were at a high of 62% compared to other industries. Targeting mobile app development towards this sector may have proved more beneficial while it was on the rise. (9)

Final thoughts

There have been multiple mobile app development trends throughout the years Hong Kong has been quick to respond to. Whether to aid convenience or provide an entertaining escape for users, the revenue generated from such development is suggested to increase as its popularity does, which will likely be fast.


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