Episode 4 - Low Code Tool Series - Why Bubble.io is the future of web and mobile app development with Timothy Dahlstrom of ZeroQode

30 March 2021
Bubble.io is an incredible platform that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to create almost any fully-featured web or mobile application 5 times cheaper and faster compared to traditional development. Bubble stands out from other Low Code platforms in that they do not have per-user licensing, making Bubble a great choice for public-facing apps, apps with a […]
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Low Code Digital Transformation Podcast – Episode 3 – Project Walkthrough: Return Merchandise Process Automation with Evan Tate of Brutal Buddha - Pt 1: Requirements Gathering

23 March 2021
We are experimenting with a new episode format today, where we will walk you guys through the complete lifecycle of a low code project for a real business. We will cover everything from requirements gathering to solution design, development, and finally rolling out the project in the client's business. In this episode, we are joined […]
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Low Code Digital Transformation Podcast – Episode 2 – Recurring Revenue Business Model Transformation with Todd Bryan of Velotech Strategy

16 March 2021
In this episode, we are joined by Todd Bryan, Managing Partner of Velotech Strategy. Todd has helped some of the world's largest companies transition product lines, divisions, or even their entire company to recurring revenue business models or "XaaS", or "Anything as a service". We discuss the benefits for both businesses and the customers they […]
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4 Tips When Hiring App Developers in Hong Kong

12 March 2021
There are many things to consider when having an app developed for a business. First, you need to determine either a gap in the tech market that aligns with your services or identify an existing application you think you could improve upon. But once you’ve decided what sort of program you wish to build, one […]
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The Future Of iOS App Development

12 March 2021
Over the past decade or so, technology and user experience expectations have advanced at a rapid pace. Following this, iOS app development has changed and evolved to become a key part of people’s lives. People rely on apps to get their news updates, chat with friends, organize their time, and more. With app development changing […]
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