Low Code Digital Transformation Podcast – Episode 2 – Recurring Revenue Business Model Transformation with Todd Bryan of Velotech Strategy

16 March 2021

In this episode, we are joined by Todd Bryan, Managing Partner of Velotech Strategy.

Todd has helped some of the world's largest companies transition product lines, divisions, or even their entire company to recurring revenue business models or "XaaS", or "Anything as a service".

We discuss the benefits for both businesses and the customers they serve. Besides the obvious benefits of stable and predictable revenue, service models also make products available to a much wider set of potential customers and dramatically cuts down the time and complications of sales cycles.

Making the jump to service-based recurring revenue models has many pitfalls and challenges, and Todd walks through the major issues and how to navigate them.

You can reach Todd at his website https://www.velotechstrategy.com/, on his LinkedIn, or email him directly at Todd.Bryan@VelotechStrategy.com

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