Low Code Digital Transformation Podcast – Episode 3 – Project Walkthrough: Return Merchandise Process Automation with Evan Tate of Brutal Buddha - Pt 1: Requirements Gathering

23 March 2021
We are experimenting with a new episode format today, where we will walk you guys through the complete lifecycle of a low code project for a real business. We will cover everything from requirements gathering to solution design, development, and finally rolling out the project in the client's business. In this episode, we are joined […]
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Low Code Digital Transformation Podcast - Episode 1 - Agile has Failed the Enterprise

07 March 2021
In this episode, we discuss why the Agile Software Development methodology has failed large enterprises that leverage it for internal projects. While we agree that Agile is undoubtedly the best software methodology available today for developing new innovative software, it suffers from a significant breakdown in development velocity once projects start getting to scale. New […]
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