Business 101: Outsourcing Your Weaknesses Software Development

26 August 2019

Businesses can't always do everything, and their customers won't get the best product if they refuse to outsource.

This doesn't mean that paying others to cover your company's weaknesses is a foolproof process, but it is a strategy every business should consider.

​Hunt Your Weaknesses

Businesses don't always know how they are struggling; profits can blind them to weaknesses. Just because a business is doing a few things right doesn't mean they are doing everything right.Admitting that you could have weaknesses is the first step toward fixing them.

Next, inspire your team to find problems. Promotion is a common reward, but employees are also happy with bonuses or extra perks like vacation days or schedule flexibility.Once you discover a problem, categorize it. You can break problems down into long and short-term goals; just don't forget to include how to fix them. Make updating your list a priority, otherwise, you could unwittingly procrastinate.

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​Grow Connections

​Once you know what weaknesses to outsource you can start looking for help. Businesses with more connections can find better deals, and feeling a trapped with a problem is an experience no business owner wants to live with.You can't always predict where your help will come from, but having more connections means it will come more quickly. This is another reason to always treat your employees, customers, and business connections well.

​Offering your own help is an investment businesses can overlook. They are offering valuable products and services, but people also value relationships. If you are willing to sacrifice for them, they will sacrifice for you and tell their friends to do the same.

​Set Benchmarks

​Knowing your weaknesses won't help you unless you overcome them.

Fixing a problem feels good, but unless you set realistic benchmarks you won't know if you are making progress with your outsourcing.There is a learning curve, and it is okay to make mistakes as long as your leadership team learns from them. If your company struggles with creating products a niche wants, for example, you might experiment by speaking with a consultant or outsourcing surveys.Every weakness is different because businesses serve their own niches with their own staff. While you can look at your competitors when setting your benchmarks, always realize that copying them is a risk: You could unwittingly alienate your customers and employees, and many businesses do.

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​Keep Learning

​Outsourcing your weaknesses means working with other professionals. Cataloging their contact details and abilities makes it easy to rely on them when you need to fix an unexpected problem.If you pay them well they will happily share their knowledge.

As you learn, you will rely on their help less and less. Outsourcing is often the only way to transform a liability into a strength; don't miss your opportunities.

​Shop Smart

​When it comes to outsourcing, guessing is expensive. Knowing what you want means you aren't paying for useless services, but it takes time to learn what your company needs. When you aren't willing to experiment, you won't see your best savings.As professionals gain experience they charge more for their work.

Businesses can find bargains if they target inexperienced professionals, and this is a solid strategy for new businesses with limited budgets.

The opposite is also true sometimes; always ask what your money is paying for and critique your outsourcing strategy often.Outsourcing is one way to counter a weakness, but it won't help if you aren't humble enough to discover where your business struggles. In business, honesty pays.

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