Why Your Hong Kong Business Should Outsource Your Software Development

23 September 2019

Making the choice to outsource can be a tricky one. But with the high cost of development in Hong Kong, it is an easy decision to make, especially when you can outsource to a more affordable area while having your outsourcing partner (who manages your project) right here in Hong Kong.

Entrepreneurs commonly get used to performing a broad range of tasks, so they don't always feel comfortable trusting others.

When it comes to building software to augment your business, often the in-house talent won't be sufficient or it can be too costly to employ dedicated developers when that is not your core business.

While online businesses don't always require a workforce within a central office, it can be trickier to monitor work being done remotely. Businesses that do outsource, though, usually wish they had done so earlier. With the GreyLoud outsourcing model created specifically for Hong Kong businesses seeking the best software development at a reasonable price, see below, monitoring your outsourcing is easy.

The productive use of time makes outsourcing a key part of scaling up an online business, with business owners free to focus on profitable activities.

The following reasons should show why you need to be introducing outsourcing to your business:

The GreyLoud Outsourcing Model

GreyLoud offers a unique hybrid-offshoring model with project leadership in Hong Kong and development and design outsourced to Eastern Europe. This means astonishingly efficient development operations at incredibly affordable rates. We also provide technology selection, technical documentation, process development, product design, software prototyping, and managed cloud services. We are proud to serve Fortune 500 companies, SME's, and cutting-edge startups.

Speed Up Processes

One of the advantages of an online business is that it can run at all times of the day.

However, if you are doing all of the key tasks yourself, you are not making use of this time. Outsourcing ensures there is work being done throughout the day, without worrying about a backlog because you are using traditional office hours.

When you operate your business in this way, work gets done quickly, and processes are sped up - allowing you to grow your business quickly.

Action is key to business success, and this can be done when you have remote workers carrying out tasks around the clock.

Find Experts

A typical business will have a broad number of tasks that need completing. Attempting to do everything yourself will not be a good use of your skills; even more, when you are the sole developer of your online or mobile app, your feature releases and updates can drag and really slow your opportunities down, especially in the fast paced digital world.

It is better to focus on the main areas that drive revenue for your business, instead of trying to master every skill involved in a business. From marketing to technology, your sole aim should be maximizing users and growing your bottom line.

For example, you may be exceptional at marketing strategies but lack any technical knowledge.

Outsourcing lets you gather the skills of experts in their fields, helping you get work done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Maintain Your Focus On Profitable Activities

When you are constantly working on a range of activities like - debugging, algorithm optimization, quality assurance, load testing, etc. - it becomes harder to focus on what is most important. 

The day-to-day can easily overload your bandwidth. You are sure to have experienced days where you were busy doing this and that but, when the end of the day came around, it was hard to show any evidence of impactful progress.

You could, for example, spend a long time tweaking some graphics, when the actual gains from this are fairly minor.

Outsourcing lets you take a step back and focus on what is actually a profitable endeavor. You can outsource most minor tasks and anything you struggle with, letting you become the driver of the company.

Get Some Distance from the Business

Outsourcing your software, when done correctly, will free up a lot of time.

You could easily find that activities taking most of the day can now be outsourced for a positive return on your investment. With all this extra time, you can focus on new marketing strategies, product development, and improving processes.

Additionally, though, you can get some rest and distance from the business. Most entrepreneurs are incredibly driven but can end up becoming unproductive because they don't know when to step away.

Outsourcing lets you rest and recharge your batteries, ensuring work stays at a high level.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing is something that might not be a major focus for many online entrepreneurs in the early stages of building a business.

If you speak to successful entrepreneurs in a later stage of their career, though, they will typically say they should have outsourced earlier.

The benefits of outsourcing usually outweigh any downsides, with the results being shown in productivity and profit.

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