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Without access to re-usable code, developers have to reinvent the wheel whenever they start a new project. Low code development is an incredible new solution that solves this problem by providing pre-made building blocks that can be combined to create just about any application. When using low code, we can deliver projects 3 to 5 times faster and up to 80% cheaper without sacrificing quality. This means more speed, bandwidth, and output for enterprise businesses - all on the same budget.
*NOTE: Low code technology can be applied to 95%+ of projects. However, some projects are not a good fit. (Please see our FAQ for more details.)

Result-Focused, Innovative Mobile Applications

Our android app development services are tailored to help you to capitalize on growth opportunities and solve pressing business problems. From idea to launch, our #1 priority is performance, usability, and results.

With experience in Finance, Logistics & ERP, Retail, and Hospitality, we bring you the best solutions from across the board and adapt cutting-edge, proven ideas to your needs.
Android Apps
UI/UX Design

Experienced Developers, Proven Processes

Choosing the right android app development service is essential to your success. Rest assured, our android developers have a wealth of experience creating apps that work flawlessly everywhere your customers and employees need access, on all devices and operating systems.

Our developers are trained in Agile methodology to ensure on-time delivery, effortless communication, affordable solutions, and high-quality standards are maintained.
Auto Testing
Low Latency
Build Automation

Effective Communication, Positive Outcomes

From the moment we start, our project managers in Hong Kong will be in close contact with you to assess your needs and guide you through the mobile app development process.

You’ll have constant contact, and you and your team will be fully integrated with ours throughout each step of the process to ensure you’re satisfied with your mobile app project.
Jira Stack
Rapid Prototyping

Our Portfolio

With so many successful projects under our belt, it can be hard to choose favorites. We’ve gone ahead and added a diverse selection for you to get a taste of what we offer. If you don’t find anything that resonates with you, reach out, and we’ll send you more.
  • Floship

    Floship is a Hong Kong based logistics service specialized in international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment. Floship offers fast and cost-efficient global shipping services. They offer a full suite of logistics services that help ecommerce business to serve customers around the world. Floship provides their customers the peace of mind to focus on other important things – taking their business to the next level.

    Floship selected GreyLoud to lead a full rebranding and UX design initiative for their website, marketing materials, and self-service logistics management web portal.
    As a logistics provider, trust, reliability, and dependability are of utmost importance for Floship’s customers, so a predominantly blue and grey color scheme were chosen as these colors are associated with these traits.
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Digital Transformation
    UX & UI Design
    Enterprise Software
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  • iDopt wildlife

    ​iDOPT is a mobile application project that enables the public to adopt endangered species in Africa. The app is focused on the Hong Kong and Chinese market with plans to roll out across Asia and then globally.

    iDOPT's aim is to substantially increase widespread awareness across Greater China of wildlife conservation needs in Africa and to significantly increase active, sustained engagement in these wildlife conservation efforts.
    Mobile Development
    UX & UI Design
    IOS App
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  • ohGLAM!

    "There are simply too many beauty products, brands, and overpromising claims in the market. We found ourselves repeatedly buying and testing products, only to find out these were costly and unfruitful experiments. ohGLAM! is a platform for real users to share stories of their successful or failed experiences with beauty products.

    It was a pleasure working with GreyLoud. Their team is very professional and creative, and they contributed many great ideas and built a beautiful and user-friendly website for us that is also very easy for us to manage even though we aren't very technical. We have continued to work with them for over a year as we are constantly adding new features to our platform."

    -Cissy Chan, Co-Founder of ohGLAM
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Web Application
    UX & UI Design
    Mobile Responsive
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  • Card Box

    GreyLoud was tasked with creating a fun cartoon-themed design for the educational browser game CardBox. We also ported the game from Unity Engine to HTML5 to improve compatibility across browsers and decrease loading times.

    The game's visual concept was designed 100% from scratch starting with original character illustrations done in pencil, followed the design of the game board. We chose a rural theme and natural elements using bright colors to create a light-hearted atmosphere.
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Mobile application
    Mobile Game
    HTML 5 Game
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Our Innovative Software Development Process

At GreyLoud, we use the latest SDLC and agile processes to keep our projects delivered, on time, and on budget. Whether we’re building a website, an app, or anything else, our strict compliance with industry best practices is what allows us to achieve remarkable results on-demand.

What Separates GreyLoud From Other Providers?

With dozens of projects and over 1,000,000 development hours under our belt, we’ve used our experience to fine-tune our development process and create innovative solutions that make it possible for us to deliver projects faster and cheaper than our competition, without compromising quality or client satisfaction.

From competitive marketing strategies to comprehensive user interviews and a quick but detailed documentation process, we can ensure your product is ready to dominate the market or drive crucial processes for your business.

We’ve baked client communication, huddles, and product refinement sessions into the journey, too. So you can rest easy knowing that we understand your needs and are working around the clock to develop a product that both you and your customers will love.
Enterprise SDLC
Speed to Value
Agile Process
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  • “GreyLoud is by far the best value in Supply Chain IT and Design services I have ever come across in Hong Kong. Our Account Manager Ilona was available to meet with us anytime, for anything from requirements meetings, to helping us go through design concepts and brainstorm product ideas.
    Our customer’s loved the shipping management dashboard that GreyLoud created and automated many of the key tasks our customer support team was performing.”

    Christopher Moore


    Digital Marketing Strategist @ Floship

Frequently Asked Questions

Without the right guidance, getting the software you need can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. At GreyLoud, we’re committed to providing you with simple, honest answers to your burning questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, we’re always happy to chat.

Is the Software Development Team In Hong Kong?

We have offices and software development teams around the world, but our client-facing staff is in Hong Kong, and all projects are managed from there.

How Long Does It Take to Develop an Application?

A typical project with us will take 3 - 6 months from the date you sign the agreement to the date we deliver the first working version.

Which Technologies Do You Specialise In?

We are a top Hong Kong Mobile App Development Company. We have a large team with a vast range of specialties. Languages and technologies we support include, PHP, JAVA, MYSQL, OracleSQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Linux, Ubuntu, Microsoft Azure, Ali Cloud, Amazon Web Services, React JS, and Swift.

Which Industries Have We Worked In?

As a succcsessful Hong Kong Software Development Company we have experience delivering successful projects to businesses across a range of industries such as supply chain, F&B, retailers & eCommerce, finance, logistics, and hospitality.

What Projects Are Not A Good Fit For Our Unique Development Method?

Theoretically, you can build anything with our method. However, it is most suited to creating business and display logic rather than mathematically-complex algorithms or advanced UI interactions. Projects that include many animations, such as games/visual platforms, are also not suited.

Free App Development Consultation

Excited to get started? Great! The next step is to book a free consultation call where one of our experts will assess your needs, resolve your concerns, and help you decide which solution is the best fit for your circumstances.

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