Why Eastern Europe May Be a Better Outsourcing Choice for Hong Kong Businesses

16 August 2019
Eastern European countries have been making steady progress in developing their offshore IT services. They’re able to provide highly skilled laborers and quality output at low costs. Because of this, they’re drawing in more attention from Hong Kong businesses that are looking to outsource. Evidence suggests that Eastern European countries tend to provide better engagements […]
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Your Hong Kong SaaS Start-Up: 3 Essential Strategies for Long-Term Success

08 August 2019
​Software-as-a-Service provisions software on a subscription model and delivers data and services via the cloud. Businesses access their SaaS utilities through a web browser interface. Recent technological advances make development and the provision of SaaS an attractive prospect for new enterprise start-ups in Hong Kong. ​SaaS is the "go-to" choice for small to medium-sized businesses […]
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Getting What You Want – The User Acceptance Phase: [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 7]

14 March 2019
Welcome back to the Greyloud University Course, where we pass on the benefit of our huge experience in successful software development. You’re nearly there now, with an application you can deploy and/or sell – even rent in an SAAS configuration – whatever your plan is. There’s just one final hurdle to get to the status […]
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Building a Real Version – The Main Development Phase: [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 6]

12 March 2019
Welcome back to the GreyLoud University Course on ‘How to Ensure Software Project Success’ where we will pass on all our successful project experience to help you achieve your software application vision. In this, the sixth article in the series, I will be covering the Main Development Phase. In the previous phase you reviewed the […]
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How to Get Stakeholder Buy-in – Building a Prototype: [GreyLoud Guide to Software Project Management Part 4]

10 March 2019
Welcome back to the Greyloud University course on ‘How to Ensure Software Project Success’. This course gves you the benefit of GreyLoud's experience across many successful projects and thousands of hours of development effort. We will help you achieve your vision. In my previous articles about we have navigated the early stages of the software […]
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